Hycrest Crested Wheatgrass

  • Excellent seedling vigor
  • Easy to establish
  • Very drought tolerant
  • Widely distributed
  • Excellent for livestock spring and fall

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Improved forage and yield in a widely used drought tolerant grass. A cross of Fairway and Desert Crested Wheatgrass. Establishes well on dry sites, thrives in sagebrush communities. Our best selling wheatgrass, base ingredient in many dryland mixes.

Hycrest Crested Wheatgrass (Agropyron cristatum x Agropyron desertorum) offers improved forage and yield over its parent species. It was developed at ARS in Logan, Utah by crossing Fairway and Desert Crested Wheatgrass (A. cristatum x A. desertorum). It has excellent seedling vigor and is easier to establish than either of it’s parents. It is very drought tolerant, establishes well on dry sites, and thrives in sagebrush communities.

Hycrest Crested Wheatgrass (Agropyron cristatum x Agropyron desertorum) is our best selling wheatgrass. It is a staple ingredient in all dryland mixes, and is one of the most widely used dylan’s grasses in US and Canada.

It is best adapted to 5-9,00′ in elevation and does well on shallow to deep, coarse to fine textures, moderately well to well drained soils. It is not adapted to excessively saline areas.

CD-II is a selection of Hycrest realesed by Logan, UT ARS.

Table of all Crested, Desert and Siberian Wheatgrasses

Common Name & Variety

Scientific Name

Crested WheatgrassAgropyron cristatum
DouglasAgropyron cristatum var. douglas
EphraimAgropyron cristatum var. ephraim
RoadcrestAgropyron cristatum var. roadcrest
ParkwayAgropyron cristatum var. parkway
RuffAgropyron cristatum var. ruff
Desert or Standard Crested WheatgrassAgropyron desertorum
NordanAgropyron desertorum var. nordan
SummitAgropyron desertorum var. summit
Siberian WheatgrassAgropyron fragile
VavilovAgropyron fragile var. vavilov
Vavilov IIAgropyron fragile var. vavilov II
P-27Agropyron fragile var. P-27
Hybrid Crested/Desert WheatgrassAgropyron cristatum X Agropyron desertorum
HycrestAgropyron cristatum X Agropyron desertorum var. Hycrest
Hycrest IIAgropyron cristatum X Agropyron desertorum var. Hycrest II
CD IIAgropyron cristatum X Agropyron desertorum var. CD II
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Hycrest Crested Wheatgrass

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